Shipping From the US to Nigeria

Shipping From the US to Nigeria

When you approach international shipping services right, getting your products and purchases from the US to Nigeria becomes easy. So, if you’ve been worried about how to process doorstep delivery from the U.S. to Nigeria, this is the article to read. 

This guide will hold you by the hand and walk you through everything about shipping from the U.S. to Nigeria. From understanding the process to selecting the suitable shipping method, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore the world of hassle-free doorstep delivery from the US to Nigeria!

Understanding International Shipping from the US to Nigeria

The US is arguably the biggest market for products in the world. With several big e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart all having their headquarters in the United States, it’s no surprise that the country is the best destination for international purchases. 

Unfortunately, shipping from the US is fraught with challenges for a country like Nigeria with so many inconsistencies. However, the benefits of international purchases make the stress worth it. 

Firstly, buying from the US means accessing a vast array of products and brands that produce quality at scale. Many of those branded products may also not be readily available in Nigeria. Furthermore, You can take advantage of competitive pricing and promotional offers and sometimes even get your hands on special editions or limited-release items. 

How to Ship from the US to Nigeria. 

Shipping from one country to another requires due diligence because different countries employ varying modalities. As a resident of Nigeria, here is a breakdown of how you can get your U.S. products down to Nigeria in no time. 

Decide on a Shipping Provider

Going with a reliable shipping provider will make the whole thing hassle-free. When you’re dealing with a reputable provider, they will guide you through the process and handle many things for you behind the scene. 

Take the time to research different shipping companies that offer services from the US to Nigeria. Look for reputable companies with experience in international shipping and dedicated services to Nigeria. 

You should also find out what other users say about the company. Reading customer reviews and testimonials will help you evaluate their reputation and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, compare shipping rates and services to find the best option.

Preparing Your Shipment

After settling for a service provider, it’s time to get your shipment ready. Though, you should know that the volume and type of goods you’re looking to ship is an essential factor to consider. Different products always attract unique degrees of border scrutiny. 

Properly preparing your shipment is essential to avoid any mishaps during transit. Follow these guidelines:

Packaging Guidelines: Use sturdy packaging materials suitable for the contents of your shipment. Make sure to seal packages to prevent any damage during transit securely.

Customs Documentation: Complete the necessary customs forms accurately and comprehensively. Provide detailed descriptions and values of the shipped items to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

Insurance and Tracking: Ensure your shipment protects against loss or damage. Opt for shipping methods that offer tracking services to monitor your package's journey.

Understanding Customs Regulations

The custom regulation of your destination is a very vital factor to consider when shipping internationally. In this case, the destination is Nigeria. When shipping to Nigeria, you must note these: 

Import Duties and Taxes: You should familiarize yourself with Nigerian customs regulations. You can get updates on this via the official Nigeria Customs website.  Be prepared to pay any import duties and taxes that may apply upon delivery.

Restricted and Prohibited Items: You must also be sure that the item you’re importing falls within the country’s regulations. To avoid issues at the border, go through the rules relating to your specific product, such as; food items, cosmetics, electronics, etc. 

Additional Documentation Requirements: Depending on the nature of your shipment, you may need to provide other documents, such as invoices, purchase receipts, or permits. Stay informed about any specific documentation requirements.

Transit Times and Delivery Estimates

Transit times for shipments from the US to Nigeria depend on various factors, including the distance between the two countries, the chosen shipping method, and customs clearance procedures. While shipping providers provide estimated delivery timeframes, it's essential to consider potential delays due to customs inspections or unforeseen circumstances. If you require faster delivery, expedited shipping options are available.

Exploring the Shipping Methods Possible

Shipping from the US to Nigeria has just two options available. You either ship your product via air or sea. Your chosen method depends on your shipment size, budget, and urgency. 

Air Freight

Shipping by air is faster. However, the quicker delivery period comes at a very higher price. Hence, using air freight is only best when you need your product urgently or it’s time-sensitive. You can use different providers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. 

Sea Freight

Sea freight is more economical for larger and heavier shipments. While it has longer transit times than air freight, it's a cost-effective choice for non-urgent shipments.

How to Calculate Your Shipping Costs

Here is a list of factors to consider to arrive at the potential cost of your shipment: 

  • The weight and dimensions of the package. (You should consider how your shipment service provider bills this.)
  • Your preferred shipping method. (Air or Ocean)
  • Destination. The cost of shipping to Nigeria from the US is different from the cost of shipping to Mauritania. 

Tracking Your Shipment

Stay informed about the progress of your shipment by utilizing the tracking tools and notifications provided by the shipping company. Sign up for email or SMS notifications to receive updates on the status of your shipment. In case of any concerns or issues, reach out to customer support for assistance. They can provide you with real-time updates and help resolve any shipping-related problems.

Eliminate Stress With FlyMyMall

You don’t have to go through the stress of personally shipping products from the US to Nigeria. There is a reliable freight forwarding service called FlyMyMall. It offers a seamless alternative that can make your life easier.

With FlyMyMall, once you sign up, you will be assigned a U.S. address. This address will serve as your shipping address when you shop from any US platform. Once you've placed your order, instead of dealing with the customs hassle of shipping to Nigeria, you can simply ship your items to the assigned U.S. address provided by FlyMyMall. They will handle all the stressful tasks of getting your goods to your doorstep.

Thanks to FlyMyMall's excellent systems and infrastructure, you can expect faster and more affordable delivery than direct shipping from Amazon.


Shipping across continents will always require a lot. Logistics is quite unpredictable, even when you plan and do all your due diligence. So, rather than dealing with such stress, you can trust  FlyMyMall, and your package will get to the desired destination with 5 to 7 days at a fair rate.

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