How to Shop Amazon Products from Nigeria

How to Shop Amazon Products from Nigeria

You've come to the right place if you live in Nigeria and have needed help to shop on Amazon for products you need. Even though Amazon has its headquarters in the US, surfing its website and getting whatever product you need at your doorstep is possible.

It’s understandable if you get overwhelmed by the vastness of the Amazon website. Fortunately, knowing the right way to go about things makes the process easier. Hence, this guide will provide all the information you need to shop on Amazon, from creating an Amazon account to getting cheap and free shipping from the U.S.A. to Nigeria.

Getting Started: Setting Up An Amazon Account

Like every e-commerce website, Amazon requires that you create an account on their website. Here is how you should go about that:
Go to and click “Account & List” from the top-right corner of the homepage. You can also download the Amazon app from the respective app store of your device; the account opening process is the same.
Select "Create your Amazon account" and provide the required information, including your name, email address, and a secure password.
You’ll be required to enter your information, including your name, phone number, and email address. Since your Amazon account will handle some financial data using a secure password based on uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and number is best. This will enhance your account security.
Once you've filled in the details, click "Create your Amazon account" to proceed.
The next step will be to verify your email or phone number to ensure the authenticity of your account. This will also facilitate your reception of important notifications.
After this, set your delivery address and payment method. The details are saved to your account, making your subsequent doorstep delivery from the U.S. to Nigeria easier.

Beyond these fundamental setup actions, you can further customize your account settings. You can modify details like your notification preference, payment options, address book, etc. These combine to give you a seamless shopping experience.
Optionally, you can explore Amazon Prime, which gives you several benefits like free two-day shipping, streaming services, exclusive deals, etc.
From all these, you can see that Amazon is miles ahead of other e-commerce platforms.

Finding Products on Amazon

Upon the initial completion of your account setup, finding the product you need is the next important step. For every product type and category, numerous vendors and products are available on Amazon. The sheer volume of products available makes it somewhat difficult to shop from Amazon. The following tricks will help you navigate better:

Use the Search Bar: Enter your desired product or keywords for relevant options.
Explore Product Categories: Browse through Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Fashion, Books, and more to discover new products.
Check Today's Deals: Don't miss out on time-limited offers and discounts by visiting the "Today's Deals" section.
Discover Best Sellers: Find popular products by exploring the "Best Sellers" lists in various categories.

Using Filters and Search Techniques:

With the following tips, you can search for better products on Amazon.

Utilize Filters: Narrow down your search results using filters like brand, price range, customer ratings, and Prime eligibility.
Sort by Relevance, Price, or Customer Ratings: Arrange products based on your priorities to find the most suitable options.
Utilize Advanced Search Techniques: Add specific keywords or use advanced search operators to refine your search further.

Product Details and Customer Reviews:
User reviews on Amazon are the absolute shopping gold mines. Amazon users are well-versed in the e-commerce landscape, so they often ensure to leave comprehensive reviews on the product they purchase. This insight is invaluable in making purchase decisions:

Click on a Product: Explore its detailed description, specifications, and features.
Analyze Customer Reviews and Ratings: Read reviews from verified purchasers to understand their experiences with the product.
Consider Seller Information: Evaluate the seller's reputation, ratings, and shipping options to ensure reliability.
Shipping From the US to Nigeria
After finding the product you need, your next trick is to figure out how to ship from the U.S. to Nigeria. Hence, this section will detail what you need to know about enjoying the fastest shipping from the U.S.A. to Nigeria possible.

The very first thing is to check if your product is eligible for shipping. Many products (vendors) don’t offer international shipping. Hence, while shopping, do the following:
Check the Product Page: Look for phrases like "Ships to Nigeria" or "International Shipping Available" on the product page.
Fulfilled by Amazon: Consider products marked as "Fulfilled by Amazon" for convenient and reliable shipping.

Next, to start shipping your desired product to Nigeria, add it to your cart. Before checking out of your cart, review the items you’ve selected and the price they reflect. Remove any unwanted items. Furthermore, inspect the shipping address you entered so your product is not delivered to the wrong person. If you didn’t add an address when you signed up, click “Add New Address.”
Reviewing Shipping Options and Costs:
Choose the most suitable shipping option for your needs and budget:

Explore Shipping Methods

Amazon provides various shipping options, such as Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, and Priority Shipping.
Consider Delivery Speed and Cost: Evaluate each option's estimated delivery time and associated shipping charges.
Completing the Payment Process:
Securely complete the payment process with these steps:

Select Your Payment Method

Choose your preferred payment method, such as a credit or debit card.
Enter Payment Details: Provide the required information, including card number, expiration date, and security code.
Review Your Order: Double-check the order summary, shipping details, and payment information before finalizing the purchase.
Place Your Order: Click "Place your order" to confirm and complete the transaction.
Monitoring Shipping and Tracking:
You shouldn’t just order a product without bothering about it. You should diligently track your product to take action when you notice anything going wrong promptly.

Review the Order Confirmation Email

After completing the purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation email containing important details.
Tracking Information: Find the tracking number in your order confirmation email. You can also find this in your account on the Amazon website.
Track Your Order: Visit the carrier's website or use Amazon's tracking tools to monitor your shipment's progress.
Essential Tips for Successful Amazon Shopping:
Shopping from Amazon can be thrilling; it’s like going through the shelves of your favorite mall. However, if you don’t pay attention to a few things, you can be frustrated if something goes wrong. So, review this checklist of things to look for while shopping.

Understand customs duties and taxes

Get familiar with the customs regulations of Nigeria to anticipate any additional fees that may apply upon delivery.
Find out info about the most recent customs regulations: Stay updated on the import restrictions and prohibited items to avoid potential issues during shipping.
Only go for products that offer tracking information: Select shipping methods that offer tracking data to monitor your package's journey and estimated delivery date.
Check order confirmation and shipping updates: Regularly check your email for order updates, including shipping notifications and any potential delays.
Seek customer support: If you encounter any issues with your order or have questions, contact Amazon's customer support for assistance.

Eliminate Stress With FlyMyMall
While the above-stated process will get your products down to you, it’s stressful, and full of uncertainties, especially if this is your first time ordering online. Hence, choosing a seamless alternative called FlyMyMall is a good solution.

FlymyMall is an international shopping and shipping platform that gives you a U.S. address upon signup. So, when you’ve ordered your product, rather than going through the custom-related hassle of shipping into Nigeria, you ship to the US address, and FlymyMall takes over the responsibility of getting your goods to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

Thanks to the company’s excellent systems and infrastructure, you’ll get your orders faster and cheaper than with direct delivery from Amazon.

Shopping for Amazon products from Nigeria is easier than you might think. With FlyMyMall, you’ll enjoy seamless transfer of your orders to your home. It’s high time you registered and start enjoying international shopping.

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