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About Us

Our technology simplifies logistics

True Professionals

Our team of trained professionals tirelessly work to put the needs of our customers before anythings else. From the moment you sign up on our platform and start enjoying our services, our team starts working tirelessly for your best experience.

Our customer care professionals are trained to listen and assist you, and we do it with pleasure because we believe best customer care experience is at the core of our values.

Our Technology

Our technology simplifies the process of ordering from US online stores and receiving them in Nigeria. You can place a Shop for Me order from your account, we will shop for you from US online stores and you will pay in Naira.

Our tracking system enables you keep an eye on your package at all time. The tracking comes with a picture enabled feature to see what your package before they leave, you can choose how it is shipped and make payment from your account.

Why Choose Us?

With FlymyMall, when you shop on US online stores, you pay $0.00 in taxes. These savings can come a long way in helping our customers and we understand it too.

Our customer account technology is enabled with a lot of personalized features to make shopping and shipping experiences seamless for our customers.

Above all, we are committed to offering excellent and professional services. You can count on us on transparency and accountability.

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