• How does your service work?

First, visit our website and sign up. When you login to your account, you will be assigned a US address you can use as a shipping address when you checkout. We will receive the package, and upload the picture and cost to your account. When you login and pay, we will deliver to you in Nigeria.

  • How often do you ship?

We ship every Friday. Shipments received in our warehouse are processed within 24 to 48 hours after which the customer can view them in his or her account and proceed with payment.

  • My package was delivered on Friday but still shows it is in the warehouse. 

We cut off shipment processing at 2 pm on Thursdays to ensure we ship everything on Fridays. So if your package is received on Friday, it will leave with the next shipment.

  • Do you consolidate? 

Yes, we consolidate at no extra cost. You can choose packages you want to be consolidated from your account. 

  • How many days of free storage do you offer?

We offer free 14 days of storage after which we charge you an automatic $5 for another 14 days.  

  • The weight on my box differs from the weight you uploaded to my account.

Sometimes FedEx, DHL, or UPS can make mistakes with the weights they put on your item label. We confirm the weights when they arrive at our warehouse. You can also request the item to be reweighed in your presence when the package gets to our office in Nigeria.

  • Can you drop ship for me? Does it come at an extra cost? 

You can use our service to fulfill dropshipping business at no extra cost. Select “remove item receipt” and enter the new delivery address, name, and phone number of the recipient. 

  • What is volume weight? How does it work?

Volume weight is used to determine the chargeable weight when an item is bulky but has a significantly small weight. It is determined by multiplying the length, width, and height and dividing by 166. Dimensions should be measured in inches. 

  • How long does your shipment take?

Our ETA is 5 to 7 business days from the day the package leaves. 

  • Can you shop for me?

Yes, we can. You can request ‘shop for me’ from your account by uploading the link of the product, then you can choose color, size, and quantity. We charge a 3% purchase commission. 

  • Can I pay in Naira?

Yes, you can pay for your shipment in Naira by using one of the Naira-reloadable virtual USD cards in our network. Alternatively, you can pay us in Naira for shipping for an additional processing fee. 

  • Can I pay with crypto?

This option is currently not available.

  • How can I use ship and pay later?

You can use our partner fin-tech company (carbon) that offers Buy Now Pay Later. They will make some funds available for you to pay us and you can repay them in 4 installments.   

  • Can I pay when my item arrives?

We only ship out packages after receiving payment. You can use our partner fintech company that offers Buy Now Pay Later. 

  • Do you pick up packages for customers in other states?

Yes, we only pick up packages from verified business locations. For home addresses, you can use any courier company like DHL, FedEx, or USPS to ship the package to your assigned address. 

  • Where is your company located?

Our headquarters is located in New York, USA. We also have a pick-up location in Ajao Estate, Lagos. 

  • Can I send my package to your company’s US address?

Our corporate address does not receive packages, we strongly advise you sign up, receive a US address and then use the address at checkout or send the package to the address. 

  • Will I pay for customs when it arrives in Nigeria?

No, once you make one payment, it includes the shipping and customs duties. You will not be requested to make any more payments. 

  • Do you deliver to other states outside Lagos?

Yes, we deliver to all the states of Nigeria. You can choose your package destination when checking out from your account.

  • Can I view more pictures of my product?

Yes, we upload the image of your package label as received in our warehouse. 

  • How much do you charge per lb and per kg?

We charge $6.50/lb and a flat fee of $10 for any item less than 2 lbs.

  • How do you convert lb to kg?

To convert lb to kg divide by 2.2 and to convert kg to lb, multiply by 2.2

  • Do you ship by ocean?

No, not at the moment. 

  • Why do I have to upload my invoice during checkout? 

We use it to verify the proof of payment of any purchased item before we ship out as required by the law. If not satisfied, we can request additional information. We also reserve the right to return the packages to the sender if not satisfied with the veracity of the submitted documents. 

  • Can I pick up my package from your office?

Yes, you can but we offer door-to-door delivery for a very small delivery amount. 

  • Do you ship from Nigeria to the US?

No, at the moment.

  • Are there items you don’t ship?

Yes, we do not ship firearms, prescription medication, perfume, and many other items. You can visit the “What we don’t Ship” page to learn more.

  • Can you buy a car for me at an auction?

If we receive a link to the car and payment, we will make the purchase on the customer’s behalf.

  • Do you handle car customs clearance? 

Customers have the right to their customs documents, however, we can assist with clearance using our third-party customs clearing agents. 

  • How long does the car take to arrive in Nigeria after payment?

It takes two to three weeks from the day it leaves. 

  • Can someone purchase an item for me in the US and you ship it to me?

In this case, the person is the shipper and therefore, we need the person whose name appears on the invoice to sign up with us and send the package to you. This is to ensure we can always verify the shipment details with the sender directly.